Bridesmaid trend: ruffles

I've been seeing more and more ruffled detail on bridesmaid dresses. I like how a little ruffle adds a lot of detail. Jewelry can be kept to a minimum and any up-do is a perfect compliment.

A broach can be added to the V in this neckline for a little bling.

It's important not to draw too much attention from this hemline.
The shoes in the pic are perfect.

One-shoulder action is always fashion forward and a little sexy.

Worn during an outdoor wedding in the early spring or fall,
this dress will keep the bridesmaid a little warmer.

Very cute and flirty.

For a bohemian affair.


Jenny.Lee said...

Loving the green dress. Very pretty!

Kristy Goldman said...

I just saw this post for the first time! There's the dress - and our posts were kind of similar - though yours was about the ruffles and mine was about hemlines. Great minds think alike - you're right!


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