Carnation is the new...rose?

Carnations are my mom's favorite flower. To me, a carnation always seemed sort of ordinary- not as glamorous as say, a peony or an orchid. Some years ago, when I finally asked her why she loved carnations she said, "Well, my real favorite flower is the lily-of-the-valley, but they are harder to find and more expensive. Carnations last a long time and are affordable." That's my mom-practical and thrifty.

But it seems that if we look past the stigma of the 'cheap' or 'to be used as filler only' carnation, we can make some gorgeous and yes, thrifty arrangements for the budget-minded bride. Plus, you can get them year-round and in pretty much any color you want. Lately, I have been seeing them everywhere. And if you are a DIY bride, you can put these arrangements together yourself very easily. If you want the bouquets to look modern and lush, use similar color hues and and keep the table arrangements low and tight.

Style Me Pretty had this posted today...Love these carnation pomanders!!


Did I miss anything?

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