Frigid digits?

I don't know if it's just me and my bad circulation and my cold blood (I'm pretty much always cold), but I have a serious issue with my hands. I'm not talking about the outdoors, either. I talking about inside the house. We keep the house temp around 65 during the day or 68 at night, which seems sufficient for warmth-the rest of my body is fine. But my poor little hand piggies are freezing, even now as I type this.

This summer while I was S. America, my friend and I found some fingerless gloves (perfect for wearing while blogging, no?). She snatched them up right away, while I waited to find them elsewhere (always looking for a bargain). But of course, in true ironic fashion, they were nowhere to be found. Now I must search for them stateside, because I believe they will be the answer to all of of my frigid digit problems. Plus, they're pretty cute.

[image: Not Cot]

Did I miss anything?

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