Miss him.

I really miss Matt when he's out of town on a business trip but...here's a little secret. Just for a night or two, I love having the bed, in all of its fluffy glory, just to myself. I can stretch like a madwoman, one arm above my head, legs sprawled to each corner. I can wrap the down comforter around me like a cocoon. I can sleep in the middle of the bed--even better, I can sleep on his side of the bed! But alas, the joy is quickly lost if he's gone more than a couple of nights. He is, after all, the best snuggler ever.

[image: Active Rain]


Jenny.Lee said...

I am so with you on this one!

Color Me Green said...

i know the feeling! i savor the moments alone when i can sprawl in bed after my guy gets up in the morning. but when he's away for a night or more i have trouble sleeping.

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