Slight obsession...

I love ethnic decor. And while it's hard to define 'ethnic', to me it may mean Moroccan meets Thai. Or Indian meets Polynesian. I could easily imagine a Buddha sculpture next to one of Ganesh in a brightly colored room with Oriental rugs, purple silk pillows, flowy red and orange drapes and gold lanterns. I love luxurious fabrics that remind me of my travels. As for my husband, he imagines himself somewhere between Ethan Allan and Pottery Barn. He loves rich-colored woods, leather sofas, wainscoting, hardwood floors and muted walls. Marriage is about give and take, right? Since I have nothing against Pottery Barn, we have decided to incorporate his love of certain furniture styles with mine of color and Buddha statues. And luckily enough, I get to choose our bedroom design. Yea.

In the meantime, I have found these cute little clutches from Ann Taylor loft which (momentarily) satisfy my need for the exotic (and are completely affordable-$39.00).


Did I miss anything?

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