Update: holiday tags.

I posted about these tags and thought I would put them into action.

I printed them on a white card stock and cut them individually with a paper cutter and then glued them to red paper which I cut a little larger than the tags. Then, I punched a hole in the top so I would be able to use the tags with ribbon. Not bad, especially for how it easy it was.

This would be a cute idea for seating cards. Using your wedding theme, you can print the name of the guest on one side and their table number on the other. The tags could hang from pretty ribbon tied to another ribbon, material or clothes line.


Jenny.Lee said...

These are adorable!

Did I miss anything?

I love to post inspired ideas and photos from other blogs and the web. I try my best to give credit where it's due, but if I miss something, please let me know. And, if you want something taken down, I can do that. No problemo.