Happy New Year!

Liene from Splendid Communications has a wonderful post on Mental Detox. Instead of making a resolution that you won't keep, try to pick a few items from her list to focus on in the New Year. It just might revitalize your spirits and help you keep things in perspective as you head into 2010. Wow-2010!

Happy Holidays!

(Cute snowflake curtain from Bugs and Fishes--how crafty!)

Have a wonderful holiday!

I hope you stay warm and safe and that you enjoy time with family and friends.


Fun for Kids.

It's always a good idea to provide short-term entertainment for the little ones at your wedding, especially during mealtime. Even if it's as simple as providing something to color on and with, the parents will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I love these cute chalkboard place mats for the kids at your wedding. They would be great at an outdoor or Colorado mountain wedding. Another simpler and more inexpensive twist on the idea is to use colored paper that matches your color scheme and supplying crayons or colored pencils.

Alternatively, these place mats provide games and coloring options at only $3.99 per dozen.

There are many great options for creating your own coloring/game book, as well. A google search will lead to you to some ideas for personalizing your own wedding-themed kids' activity book.


Save The Date Idea.

Many of you may have heard of Wordle by now, but if you haven't it can be a fun distraction. I was on the site today browsing and I started thinking that if the right combination of words were used, a Wordle would be a great inspiration for a Save-The-Date. If the site randomly created one you could use, then you could copy it straight from the site and make a DIY Save-The-Date. Alternatively, you can have one created on the site and use it for inspiration to create your own 'wordle'. This can be done on a a simple program such as Microsoft Digital Image Standard or Photoshop.

Here's a Wordle created using my blog feed:

Here's a 'Wordle' I whipped up on Microsoft Digital Image Standard (using far less words for a simple STD):

Try the site out and play around--it may just give you some ideas!


Oh, baby!

This blog has always been a mix of my professional and personal life. I've shared tidbits and short stories of life happenings and of my business ventures. I've loved having this blog and because of it, I've met amazing people along the way. This is only one of the reasons why I feel so badly that my postings have been less than frequent in the past few months.

There is one very personal thing that has happened in my life and I always thought that when it did, I would blog away about it. But the opposite happened. I found that I sort of wanted to keep the news to myself and enjoy all the changes that were about to happen in my life.

I found out I was pregnant in late July. My husband and I were (and still are) ecstatic. However, I found myself concentrating on my business so much that I didn't take a lot of time to pause and enjoy my first trimester (I can say 'enjoy' because I was lucky enough not to have any morning sickness!). So, this fall that's exactly what I've been doing. When I should be blogging, I might be reading baby blogs instead or learning how to knit a baby blanket, or figuring out how to decorate the nursery. My husband I have also been in the process of selling our current house and trying to find a new one.

I promise I've been here in spirit. I'm still reading blogs and keeping up with all you lovely brides out there. I feel that my personal life is once again balanced with my professional life and you should start seeing more of my posts. I also have some fun changes to the blog coming in the New Year.

Thank you for hanging in there! And btw, I'm due April 18th and it's a boy!


My mom, the bride.

I just got back from an amazing vacation in Maui, Hawaii. I know! Lucky me!

However this wasn't just any vacation...the purpose behind the trip was my mom's wedding. It was her dream to get married barefoot on the beach amongst a small, intimate group of family and friends. I am happy to report that her dream came true.

Here's a little background for you. My mom and her guy have been together for a while and the engagement ring she picked out had been sitting in a hidden spot in the house. For some time, she's been wondering when he would pop the question.

My mom's boyfriend called a couple of months ago to tell me he was planning on proposing to her in Hawaii and that he wanted my husband and I along for the trip (he knows how super tight my mom and I are--super thoughtful, right?). Before long, as excited as he was, he let the cat out of the bag and ended up telling my mom where they were going. Being that she had never been to Hawaii, she got more and more excited, as did he. Before he knew it, he was popping the question....in Phoenix. Couldn't hold out for the trip. Before we all knew it, the trip turned from an engagement vacation to a wedding vacation.

I am so thrilled that my mom has found someone that makes her happy and honored that I was there to experience their beautiful, intimate and spiritual ceremony.


Congratulations Mary and Julie!

[One of my photos--sadly, not a professional shot. Can't wait for those!]

Two of my first clients also happen to be some of my favorites. I had the best time helping Mary and Julie pull off their amazing Rustic Colorado wedding (or,'commitment ceremony'). We would always end of laughing at our meetings and it was always more fun than work. I'm so thrilled for them. Their day was absolutely lovely and it was such a fun, intimate event.


Etsy crystal finds.

One of my couples is having a crystal-filled wedding at the end of the month. From the bride's dress to the chandeliers to the candle holders, this wedding is going to sparkle. I was browsing etsy to find some supplemental decor items and found myself caught up with the jewelry section. Big surprise there, being the jewelry fan that I am!

Whether for a wedding or for a night on the town, these are sure to be eye-catching.





Real Wedding: Anna and Yarrow

I recently had the pleasure of working as the Day-of-Coordinator and Logistics Queen for a fantastic couple who got married in New Haven, Connecticut at Lighthouse Point Park. Anna and Yarrow met while at Harvard and are both about to (or have) receive their doctorates. I can't tell you how much fun this wedding was because a) there was a carousal from the 1800s involved and b) it was a true DIY wedding. Anna and Yarrow worked hard to create their relaxed, beachy, picnic-themed wedding and my team worked to carry out their vision. We were the decor specialists, florists, servers and all-around event hustlers throughout the evening. And I got a chance to meet Tim Brown, from TAB Photographic. I absolutely loved his laid-back style and his photos turned out amazing. East coast brides: I would highly recommend giving Tim a call.

Tim's sense of humor shines though in this shot: he captured the bride and groom with this local who couldn't tear himself away from the wedding scene.

All photos courtesy of Tim Brown of TAB Photographic, except the first one of the lighthouse (taken by me).


DIY: Mujka Chic

Mujka Chic is a website I've had bookmarked for a while and last night I found myself browsing through all the graphics...I forgot how many great freebies are listed! And what's not free is super inexpensive. There are graphics and invitations suites for couples who are looking to print their own wedding goods and even if you're not looking to design anything for your wedding, you can find vector art for monograms, business cards, blogs and web design. Check it out here.


Drink calculators.

One of the questions I seem to hear most from couples is how much alcohol they need to provide for their reception.

I always take into account (based on the couple's knowledge) how many of the guests are heavy vs. light drinkers and whether they mostly like beer, liquor or wine. I also calculate the numbers taking into consideration whether there is an open bar and if only wine will be served during dinner.

If you've researched this topic online or in magazines, you'll often read that it's safe to guess that everyone will have two drinks the first hour and one drink per hour thereafter. Here are some handy calculators to help you crunch the numbers.

Real Simple's Liquor Calculator
Evite's Party Planner
Manitoba's Party Planner
That's a Wrapper's Drink Calculator


Appreciation #10: My mama.

My mom is visiting us right now and as always, I have had such a great time chillaxing and chatting with her over a glass of wine. Through the years, I've grown to appreciate her more and more. I am not a parent yet, and I certainly can't know (only imagine) what it was like to be a young, divorced, single mother raising a daughter. But I will tell you what, I can't imagine any woman who did it better than my mom.

I really wished she lived in Denver and I'm heading the official committee to convince her to move (she lives in Phoenix and loves the heat, so this may be a difficult one....).


Real Wedding: Neal and Supriya

Remember this wedding (the groom arrived by helicopter)? The bride and groom got married in Scottsdale, AZ at the Millennium Resort. I just received more professional shots from Lilet of Light Rain Images . Neal and Supriya were so wonderful to work with and it was certainly a one-of-a-kind wedding.

Neal and Supriya decided to see each other before the ceremony so they would have more time for photos with family during cocktail hour...

The henna is beautiful...

Neal gave her a suprise gift before the ceremony...

The Garage by Ivy did an amazing job on the flowers...
...and they left me a bunch of mums when they were done setting up, so I was able to throw some impromptu cocktail hour centerpieces together...
Both sets of parents are seen her under the mandap...

Congrats, again you two!! xo



[Kirk Kara designs]

OneWed and Platinum Guild International are awarding one lucky reader the ultimate prize to get in on the trend of proposing to her man-- a pair of hand engraved Platinum wedding bands from jewelry designer Kirk Kara, worth approximately $5,000!

How to enter:

Inspired by the new movie The Proposal, this contest asks women to describe in 200 words or less how they would propose to their significant other.

Visit here to enter. Contest runs through July 15th. Best of luck to all entrants!


Happy Fourth.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! See you next week.


Fab find.

Don't you love it when someone dishes with you about a product they are obsessed with and then you run out and buy it and it's as fabulous as they said?

I want to share with you a 'product' that is saving my face this summer. I've used blotting wipes for ages, but I starting using Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets last winter and I've stayed loyal to this brand, which for me is pretty much a first.

Why they are great:
1. If you have oily or combo skin like me, they 'soak' up the oil and eliminate that shiny look.
2. They don't take off your make-up.
3. If you pat them on your face, you can re-apply your powder without getting a smeared 'pancake' look (caused from skin oils).
4. They are pretty inexpensive and last for ages.
5. It's summer and if you get all hot and sweaty, they remove the stickiness and shine and leave you looking all fresh-like.
6. If you're a bride, you can pat your nose in between glamour shots and don't have to obsess about messing up your make-up.

. Hope you love them as much as I do.


Going to the dogs.

I recently read an article in USA Today about couples having their dogs step in as wedding attendants-not just in casual affairs, but more in more in elegant, chichi affairs. One shop, mentioned in the article, has seen sales of upscale doggie accessories like gowns, tuxedos, bow ties and crystal leads and collars go up in recent years.

While I think this is an adorable idea, it should be said, that your little furry creature should be trained and should love crowds. Otherwise, you might have more fuss than fun on your big day.

Here are some tips for pet success on your wedding day, courtesy of USA Today:

-Make sure your venue allows animals
-Does your pet need some extra training before walking down that aisle?
-Take your pet to the venue to get accustomed to it before the big day.
-Assign a pet-sitter: someone to tend to it and transport it while it's not with you.
-Most pets won't last the whole day, so prioritize it's schedule and events.
-Take photos with the pet on a different day--hire a pet photographer.
What do you think? Pets or no pets?


Real wedding: Candy and Andrew

My husband was recently a groomsmen in our friends' wedding. Andrew and Candy got married in beautiful Taos, NM at the stunning El Monte Sagrado resort. When Candy sent me the link to their photos, I was happy to see that the talented Stacey Adams captured some of the more unique aspects of the resort, as well as fabulous shots of the couple. Right away, I emailed (Santa Fe and LA-based) Stacey and asked her to send me some of my favorite shots.

The wedding was a ton of fun. The guest list consisted of 45 close family members and friends which, with a group like us, made for a great party. Candy and Andrew were both cool as can be on the big day and when the officiant didn't show up (!), they took it in stride and had the site coordinator read them their vows. I loved watching them laugh about it and not letting it ruin their day. Most guests had no idea that the officiant was a no-show until Candy started laughing half-way through the ceremony and the site coordinator explained what was going on. After the ceremony, my brother-in-law saved the day by signing the marriage license and making it official--he's an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church (who knew!?). Now they have a great story to tell people and a memory that most of us will never forget.

Lesson to brides: even if your day doesn't turn out as perfect as it should in your mind, go with the flow, spend time with your friends and family and enjoy your party. After all, your wedding day will be what you make it.

Taking it all in stride....

The girls...(love the orange)

The boys...

The happy couple...

Check out the chandelier!

El Monte's pool area was a topic of conversation all weekend...

Best part of having your reception in the 'gallery' room of a resort? Instant decor.

There were a ton of great shots to choose from and Stacey's candid shots of the reception were amazing. You can check out more of her work at Stacey Adams Photography.

Did I miss anything?

I love to post inspired ideas and photos from other blogs and the web. I try my best to give credit where it's due, but if I miss something, please let me know. And, if you want something taken down, I can do that. No problemo.