Another resolution to cross off my list {yea!}.

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Another one of my resolutions this year was to finally find a place to volunteer. And I did! It was difficult for me to find a place that didn't want a year commitment and like, three days a week. I'm all for helping out, but I don't quite have the availability to work a part-time job-which a lot of places expected.

I found a great site called Metro Volunteers and it lists different organizations that need help, which is how I found Denver Works. It's a great foundation that helps low-income people find jobs. They teach resume and interview skills, as well as outfitting them will great interview outfits. That's where I come in. I will be working in the 'closet' helping put outfits together for the job-seekers. You'd be amazed at how wonderful the clothing is to choose from. Recently the Men's Warehouse donated $40k worth of brand-new clothing.

Sometimes it just takes the kindness of an organization like this to really help someone get on their feet, especially in an economy like this.

Today is my first day--I'll let you know how it goes.


heather said...

It's awesome that you are doing this! And such a great cause!

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