Appreciation #2: smelly lotions.

There's nothing like putting on a pretty smelling lotion, even if no one is going to smell it but me, that gives my day a little lift. I especially like the scents from Fresh, but seeing as I'm currently a recessionista right now (see below posts), I hit the $3 Bath and Body sell and found the lovely, Rainkissed Leaves (my old standby is Japanese Cherry Blossom).
It's nice and fresh and reminds me of spring.
Ahhhh, spring.

[image: Bath and Body Works]

What's your all time favorite lotion scent?


AmberP said...

I LOVE nice smelling cream. I am an addict to all things hawaian and coconut. I think it helps me pretend I am on vacation when I am really sitting here at my dest at work!

Did I miss anything?

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