Bridesmaids dress to wear and love.

[image from here]

If you know me, you know that I especially appreciate a bridesmaid's dress that a girl can wear again and again. After all, they are usually too expensive to
stuff in a closet and never look at again.

That is why I have fallen for this line from Anna Elyse.

Methinks a few of them will make a beautiful gown for the bride, as well.

[images from here]


melissa said...

I love the one shoulder dress. I wonder how it would look on a real person...

AmyJean said...

I love those shades of green. Gorgeous!


jane in the waiting line said...

i. love. those. dresses. thank you for the insight!!

Kristy Goldman said...

I am so happy you commented on my blog today! I hadn't found you before, and I am loving looking through your DIY projects!!

These collections of dresses are beautiful as well! I've added you to my blogroll, and I'd love to be on yours as well.

Remember Something Blue

Once A Bride said...

you got it, Kristy! thanks for stopping by-hope to see you again and again. :)

A Wedding Story said...

Do you have an idea of the price range of these dresses? I live in Virginia and of course there are NO shops around that sell them. Any thoughts?

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