Date night.

[image: Tim Walker]

Although we're still newlyweds, one of my marital fears is that someday we might lose our spark. We have such great chemistry, so my fear may be unfounded, but this seems to happen to a lot of married couples. In order to prevent this (and to get in a helpful habit for the day when a baby may come) Matt and I have decided to declare Tuesdays as 'date night'.

One of my girlfriends, 'M' told me that this is how her brother and his wife keep their relationship exciting. Wife is a lawyer and brother has an equally demanding job and they have a baby. 'M' told me they have an envious marriage...but they decided from day one to always put the other first and to make time for each other. Hence, date night.

So, Tuesday it is. No phone calls. No television. Just him. Just me. I'm looking forward to it and think it will be fun to think of new ways to spend our night.

I am SO interested to hear about the ways that you keep the romance and passion in your relationship. Do tell!

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The Alleged Ringleader said...

You HAVE to make time for each other and what better than having a regular date night! It's something to look forward to every week and it will be fun trying out new dates each week!

melissa said...

Great idea. My hubby to be and I work in the same building and always have lunch together and walk to and from work together. But this often isn't really "us time" so we set aside a few hours on Sat night just for us - no work talk allowed.

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Once A Bride said...

There are a ton of tags going around lately!

Hannah Noel said...

What a great idea!! That's so cute and fun-- I'll definitely have to tell Mr. Airforce about it!

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