DIY Friday: escort/seating cards

This easy project can be used to make escort or seating cards.

Here's what you'll need:

1. Decorative top paper-the heavier the stock, the more of a 'swirl' you'll get. The paper used in this project was actually a very light piece of paper (I used scraps that I had lying around).
2. Card stock of your choice
3. Pencil without ridges
4. Razor blade
5. Self-healing mat
6. Paper cutter
7. Bone folder or scorer
8. Adhesive
9. Printed guest name

1. Cut decorative paper, which will be on the front of the card, 3x4 1/2 in.
2. Measure 1/4 in. on all sides and mark with a pencil.

3. Your results will look like the top left photo below.
4. Draw an 'X' to connect the where four corners meet-it will look like the bottom left photo.
5. Take the razor blade and cut the 'X' over a self-healing mat.

6. Erase the pencil lines and your results will look like the bottom photo below.

7. Next cut the card stock 6x4 1/2.
8. Then, score at the 3 in. mark.

To get this:

9. Next, take the paper with the guest's name and cut 3x4 1/2 in.
10. Paste it to the front of the card you just cut.

11. Put adhesive on the back sides of the decorative paper.
12. Then, paste it on top of the front side of the card, on top of the guest's name

13. Next, take a pencil and roll the sides so that the pencil is flush with the edge of the cardstock. Hold for a few moments. I find that it's easier to role the right or left side first, before the top or bottom.

This project also works as a photo frame.

Whatcha think?


Chrissy said...

Looks really gorgeous :-)

Anonymous said...

Very unique idea, love it! Great job!

Did I miss anything?

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