Dream a little dream...part 3

I moved to Denver, of course. It was an easy decision. Although I miss NYC almost every day, I didn’t have the quality of life there I knew I could have in Colorado. Besides, Matt had a job he loved, a house, a cat…you get the idea.

In the U-haul moving my way west, I knew that I would land in Denver and find a job in events. I knew I wanted to specialize in weddings.

After months of job searching, something fell into my lap. A friend of a friend knew someone. The job? Marketing and PR (public relations). The money? Really good, considering I hadn’t been doing any PR in years and had never held a job in marketing. Because I desparately needed income, I accepted the job. And because life likes to throw curve-balls, two weeks later, I got an offer from a wedding event center to work as a coordinator. The pay? A lot less.

What’s a girl to do?

I stayed with job ‘A’. Mistake. Big mistake. I felt that I made a commitment to my boss at job ‘A’ and he was counting on me, Matt and I were planning a wedding, we had bills... Blah. Blah. Excuse. Blah.

I look back on that decision and think, “You are crazy!” But sometimes life takes us on a route we don’t expect to go.

Job ‘A’ led to Marketing Job ‘B’, making even more money. But was I happy?

{to be continued...}
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The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

Your story is like mine... Moved from Philly to North Carolina (wow) -- I've been here a year and still don't quite feel at home -- Just grad with my Master's in Counseling and pursuing my License -- Ugh... BUT, I do believe my heart's desires are coming.... sometimes it's the journey that prepares you for it --

Thanks for following me :) And if you'd ever like to use my pics, let me know :)


Love the photos that you posted with your stories!

Once A Bride said...

Thanks! Good ol' google. :)

Chelsea C. said...

That's exactly where I am now... Do I quit my high paying marketing job to start over in another industry??

What did you do?!?!

Once A Bride said...

The little tale concludes tomorrow ;)

Mrs. Ruby said...

Denver is probably my absolute FAVORITE city!!!

melissa said...

What IS a girl to do? I love that you shared your story with us.

That is also why I tagged you! Thanks for being fabulous.

Kristy Goldman said...

I am loving reading your story!

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