Dream a little dream...part 4

I felt like a hamster running in a wheel. My boss was great, the people I worked with, even better. But there’s only so much running a girl can do in circles before she’s. just. beat.

So, I decided to make the leap.

Like the gypsy traveling girl that I am, I coincided leaving my job with a two-month trip around S. America. My friend was on break from grad school, my husband’s dream was to see Machu Picchu, and I was jobless. What a perfect combination! My plan was to come back stateside in August and get a job with an event company or full-service caterer for about a year and then start my own business.

[Machu Picchu was amazing, btw!]

Those curve-balls I’ve been talking about? They’re funny, those guys. Little did I know just how bad things would get with the job market. I haven’t found one posting for any event-related positions, let alone wedding planner positions. There were moments when I had been tempted to apply for any old marketing job just to bring in income, but realized that my plans, my dream can't wait. And I do not want to get back on the hamster wheel. It’s so hard to get off when you run that fast.

So, instead of waiting to be hired, I'm taking matters in my own hands. I have decided to start my own business now. Why wait? I know I have talent and passion for this industry. I have planned plenty of events and I know I'll be an amazing business owner. While I'm putting all the pieces together of starting this biz (which you will all be privy to), I’m currently working on my bridal consultant accreditation, staying in touch with trends partially because of all the wonderful wedding and bride bloggers out there, and keeping my faith. By some miracle, we are able to hold-on financially--although our recreational activities have been hit the hardest. More dinners in, less dining out. Good thing I like cooking--- it's been working for us. ;o)

One of the reasons I started this blog was a means to keep my creative 'juices' flowing. I started reading blogs last year (when bored at my job. shhhh-don't tell anyone) so I am certainly pretty new to the game. My deepest hope is that this little blog will be an inspiration for brides, wives and wanna-be brides. I also hope to use it as starting off point for my business. After all, I will need support and feedback from wonderful gals like you!

{that's the end of this little tale}

I must add that I am so blessed to have a husband that was and is
willing to support me in this journey.


Anonymous said...

amazing!! have fun and live it up! think of all the creative inspiration you will gather on your journey to bring back and apply to your business... :)

Krista said...

I just found your blog (because you came onto my blog!) and am reading this story now. Interesting ... yep, life throws curve balls.

AmberP said...

Ohhhhhh you are going to be SO fantastic!!!!!!
I can't wait to follow along for the ride - I know you are going to do AMAZING things!

Once A Bride said...

Thanks, Amber!! :)

Did I miss anything?

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