Fabulosity, baby.

I've been tagged. Woo hoo. The lovely Melissa from M and M Wedding gave my blog a fabulous award. It is my first official award and I'm so Delighted (w/ a capital D) to receive it.

I can be a private person at times, and I feel like it was sort of a leap for me to tell the personal story of my journey. I am so happy that women like Melissa want to read it and give such great feedback. It means the world to me. So thank you rockin' readers!

Rules of the tag:
List 5 Obsessions/Addictions that you have, and tag back to the person(s) that gave you the award. Post the rules and tag and additional 5 people.

Numero Uno:
Wine. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with wine. I almost became a Sommelier at one point. I so enjoy wine tastings, esp. if paired with another favorite, cheese. I belong on a patio in the Mediterranean stuffing myself with olives, cheese and wine, while watching the beautiful sea below me. Ahhhh-the stuff of dreams.

Numero Dos:
Flats. I'm 5'9 and have always loved flat shoes, not only because I'm tall, but because they are sooo comfortable. Don't get my wrong, for a night on the town, I'm going to wear gorgeous high-heels b/c I think they're hot. But for everyday schlepping around, I forgo the sneaks and wear some cute flats.

Numero Tres:
This goes without saying , but I love weddings. Enuf said.

Numvero Quatro:
Books. I love to read and I would be lost without great novels to read. I am also a fan of non-fiction spiritual books, such as those by Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. I find great joy in taking time out of my day to 'put' my self in another state of mind

Numero Cinco:
Musica. I absolutely love music and love dancing. I honestly could not live without music in my life. What kind, you ask? I am one of the few people that can honestly say that I could listen to just about anything. Just as long as I can shake my booty to it. :o)

So, now I tag my my first five faithful followers because they are fabulous and I'm nostalgic that way.

Jenny Lee--such a sweet person
Katy- Anyone who can imagine themselves 'tripping' down the aisle is A-Ok with me ;)
Brenn- Where hippy meets preppy? That is SO me.
Beri-I love that she shows her spiritual side and that she's trying to look rockin' in a thong. Like me!
AmyJean-I love her and she knows why!


Jenny.Lee said...

Thank you so much! I have to say I second all of the above! Especially the wine. :)

Beri said...

I adore your blog - you know what you want in life and you're going after it! It's truly inspirational for those to see someone pursuing what they love. Thanks for tagging me!!! :)

Brenn said...

Woohoo. Thanks for the tag! Now I suppose I need to keep putting my random ideas and blubbering out there in cyberspace!

Beri said...

check out my post! :) http://brianandberi.blogspot.com/2009/01/wow-thanks.html

melissa said...

You are fabulous! Glad you enjoyed it and it was fun to read your obsessions.

I will have to check out the blogs you tagged later today.

Did I miss anything?

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