Flower inspiration: purple

Melissa is interested in some budget purple flower options for her bouquet.

Some of these beauties below could be serious contenders...

1. Peruvian Lily 2. Dahlia 3. Phalaenopsis Orchids 4. Foxglove 5. Allium 6. Lenten Rose 7. Chrysanthemum 8. Clematises 9. Pansy 10. Anemone 11. Phlox 12. Hydrangea

From the flowers pictured above, Foxgloves, Anemones, Chrysanthemums, and Peruvian lilies would be the most economical. In addition, Carnations, Muscari, and Astrantias are great budget options.

Hope this helps, Melissa!

[image from here]


Adrienne said...

These are gorgeous! I am loving the purple!

Stephanie E said...

I love flowers...now, I just have to talk the hubby to buy me some...lol he used to all the time...but hey, we're married now....LOL

Once A Bride said...

I hear you, Stephanie...! ;)

AmberP said...

Oh those flowers are GORGEOUS!
I love love love them... I need to get me someone to purchase me some!! lol

melissa said...

Thanks so much! I love this. And I love the Foxgloves - they are so cool looking. And I love the Anemone, so whimsical.

You gave some great tips to keep on budget!

A Wedding Story said...

Pretty! I still can't 'follow' your blog. Yikes!

Did I miss anything?

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