I love fonts.

I am always on the lookout for fonts. I love typeface like nobody's bidness. So, imagine my delight when I opened up my Daily Candy newsletter (I highly recommend subscribing) and found a font waiting for me.

It's called EcoFont. It's a green font! It uses 20 percent less ink, by removing as much of each letter as possible, while still allowing it to be readable. And saving ink=less ink cartridges ending up in landfills.

How great would this be used on your invites for your green wedding?!
In true save-the-world fashion, you can download it FREE here.


AmberP said...

Oh don't EVEN get me started on how much I love fonts.
I just got a new computer so I guess I had better start the hunt again!!

Once A Bride said...

I had sooo many fonts on my old computer-then it crashed. :( I know what you mean about the hunt! I'll let you know when I find some really good ones!

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