I'm 'it'. Honest.

I've been tagged by Miss Jessie from A Match Made In Heaven, to tell you 10 random facts about me. Here goes...

1. I'm an only child to a single mother--and I love it. My mom and dad divorced when I was a baby and she and I are as close as can be. I do sometimes wish that I had a bigger family, but do enjoy the simplicity of my own.
2. I would love to have a ranch someday. I was a 4-H kid and love horses. Because I am a big city girl at heart, it may be a surprise to hear that I love pigs, horses, goats and sheep. I don't know what it is about farm animals...
3. I go off and on living a vegetarian lifestyle. I really like meat, but the whole eating an animal thing bothers me at times.
4. I'm really bad at math. Taking the GMAT almost killed me...
5. I can organize anything. I really don't like clutter and if there's a faster, more efficient way to do something, I will figure it out. Except when it comes to my car; it's always a mess.
6. I'm competitive. With myself. I never feel like I'm doing 'it' well enough. Whatever 'it' may be, I always try to find a way to do it better than I already am. {Hence my changing this blog layout all the time. P.S. I am not a techie--anyone out there want to help me get a blog makeover?}
7. I love making new friends. There's always room in my life for more love.
8. I meditate. I try to do this every day. And I read a lot of spiritual books.
9. I can't live without sunshine. I need the sun like a ranch needs farm animals. heehaw.
10. I would like to have a book published someday. Topic? Not sure, yet. But I have some ideas...

I'm tagging five more with this one:
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AmberP said...

I will get on this tonight :)
I too love making new friends... I think that is why this blogging world suits me so well!

Globetrottingbride said...

Oh thanks sooo, sooo, soo much! This will be fun....

Did I miss anything?

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