Real Wedding: Corrina and Chad

My friend recently got married in Cabo San Lucas. I posted her DIY favors and programs here not to long ago. Today, I thought I would share some of her beachy pictures.

Corrina and Chad planned their wedding for September, which incidentally is the beginning of hurricane season. And wouldn't you believe it? A hurricane hit. Classic Murphy's Law in the form of Hurricane Norbert.

A little note here: Cabo had been having exceptionally great weather up until this particular weekend (of course).

But, as you can see from the above photos, Corrina and Chad got lucky.

In the morning of the big day, the sky was extremely dark and grey and it had rained off and on throughout the night. Not to mention, the gusts of wind were incredible. The resort's coordinator tried talking Corrina into moving the ceremony indoors. But the bride was more than determined to have the ceremony on the beach...the whole reason for a beach wedding, right? However, the wonderful coordinator was accommodating and held out until the last minute to set-up the ceremony outdoors, but she ruled that the reception would have to be indoors. As the day went on, the clouds starting breaking up and the wind calmed a bit. We even saw bits of sun. Norbert had decided to turn it's eye away from Cabo. Whew!

Their ceremony turned out to be a beautiful (if just a little windy) event. And the post-storm sky made for the most beautiful light.

Lesson from this: always have a back-up for an outdoor wedding. The couple was successful in choosing a resort that had such an accommodating staff. And although Corrina and Chad had really wanted a beach reception, the resort's ballroom was small and intimate enough to hold her 50-guest group. However, the night before, they had to change their rehearsal dinner location at the last minute (it was to be a sunset cruise and Cabo closed all the docks because of the storm). Imagine trying to contact the guests who weren't staying at the same resort...not easy.

If you're going to be a destination bride, you must be easy-going. Anything can happen with the weather. Corrina had no idea what her flowers were going to look like (other than her request), who her photographer would be (other than Internet research), or what the cake would look like. And because neither of them had been to Cabo previously, they had to ask around for a lot of recommendations on resorts and do a lot of Internet research. They chose the Pueblo Bonito Rose and the resort did a great job. Here are some of the highlights from their wedding.

And because it was their honeymoon, the weather was spectacular the rest of the week.


Jenny.Lee said...

The picture of her alone on the sand is fantastic!

Jaryce21 said...

Oh, how GORGEOUS! I love the cloudy skies. It gives it such a dramatic look.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE how the sky looks in the pictures!

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