Volunteering recap.

My first full day volunteering was better than I could have hoped for. Everyone that works there (paid positions) is so nice and grateful to have the help. The other volunteers are just as welcoming. This of course, is a huge bonus.

I suppose I've always known that there's this part of me that likes to feel helpful. It's sort of that 'need to be needed' part of me. I put that in quotes because that's what my enneagram says about my personality. The enneagram also calls me 'a romantic'. Well, big duh to that one. I can 'romance' the idea of anything. If you haven't heard of the enneagram, I encourage you to check it out--it's been the most amazing personality profiling I've ever come across, and I've come across a lot of them (I was a psych minor). I digress....

The volunteer coordinator wanted me to shadow her today in the men's closet. It's been especially busy lately--big surprise, with the economy and all. When the men walked in (we help 2 at a time or so), they hardly would look at me in the eye and sort of seemed downtrodden. Almost every single man didn't know where to begin with their sizing and basically let me take the reigns. Which was fun for me--I got to put all their outfits together. It was amazing to see the transformation when the men left. They were so appreciative, looked me in the eye and I could see the badge of pride back on their faces. I once read somewhere that a man's ego is directly correlated to his work. I don't know if that's entirely true, but I know it must not be easy for some of them to be the position in which they have to take 'handouts'. Most of the clothes we gave away today (they get 3 outfits each) were brand-new (a lot of Kenneth Cole stuff...I even came across a Dior coat)! When they walk out of the office, with new clothes in which they look good and can be proud of, they had a new confidence. Just think about how many times you've had an interview and didn't know what to wear. I have been known to buy new interview clothes based on the job I'm going for...and I do it because I know it will give me that internal extra edge when I interview. It made my heart happy to know that these men now have that little boost when job interviewing.

I can't wait to work with the women next time.


Did I miss anything?

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