And the Oscar goes to...

I am an Oscar fanatic. I watch pretty much every award show, and perhaps it's because I spent my past life as an actress, but I have a special fondness for the Oscars. And of course, one of the best parts is the fashion! Here's my fashion break-down of the evening.

Best Jewelry

I wouldn't expect Jolie to turn up in anything but black (which I can't blame her--half of my wardrobe consists of black clothing), but wearing these emerald earrings was an amazing way to compliment her basic black palette. She also wore a fabulous cocktail ring to match.

Most Architectural Dress

And I mean this in a good way. I think her soft, loose hair was perfect for this pleated, architectural dress. She took a bit of a chance wearing something a bit unusual and it paid off. I've always been a fan of hers and I'm glad that she's showing up more and more in movies lately.

Best Co-Star Couple

[image: mtv.com]

I can't imagine what their success might feel for them. Their runaway hit, Slumdog Millionaire was originally to be released straight to DVD. What a great Cinderella story. The looked so happy last night, and nothing makes you more beautiful than a happy glow.

Best Real-Life Couple [image: mtv.com]

Before you say anything about Jolie and Pitt (yes, they are both freakin' beautiful), the night really belonged to Sean Pitt for winning Best Actor. He is an amazing actor and he finally wasn't overlooked for the incredible job he did. And, Robin was, after all, the Princess Bride. They looked great together.

Best Could-Be Wedding Dress [image: people.com]

I have Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona sitting next to my DVD player as we speak. I can't wait to watch the movie. Penelope looked as beautiful as she always does. And word has it, she had this dress for years and was saving it for a special occasion. It seems that the Oscars came before the wedding. Seriously, though..look at the hem. Gorgeousness.

Best Surprise [image: mtv.com]

My mouth dropped open when I saw Alicia Keys come onto the stage to present an award. I have never seen her look more beautiful.

Best Undergarments
[image: cnn.com]

I think her body looks amazing, and I really liked this dress. Sure, it was a bit costume-y and I have a feeling that many people won't agree with me, but the bodice was beautiful, the belt contemporary, and her glamour hair, perfect. Okay, the tulle is a bit much, but still.

Hottest Showstopper: Male

[image: just jared]

Robert Pattinson conjures up images of James Dean-rebellious-hotness. I loved his tux and his wild hair.

Hottest Showstopper: Female

I couldn't decide which I liked more. Natalie looked fantastic. The bodice on her dress was gorgeous. There was a glamourous simplicity to her styling. Her hair and skin looked amazing and I can't help but love the pinkish, lilac color.

Anne, on the other hand, was shining. She was the opposite of simple. The paleness of the dress seemed to compliment her skin, rather than blend in with it. I loved the absence of jewelry, because you don't really need it with that intricate of a dress. Love the bag. Love the shoes. Love everything. In fact, as I write this, I think Natalie took a very close second. Anne is the belle of the ball here.

I know they tried really hard, but...

[images: mtv blog]

I can't help but really dislike Jessica's dress. It sort of looked like a tumor was growing out of it when she walked on stage. The hem looks awkward and the material looks sort of...cheap. She's so pretty, so I feel like she really missed a chance to stand out by wearing this dress.

Beyonce. Beyonce. Beyonce. This pattern reminds me of a table cloth. Or curtains. I feel like she wears the same mermaid thing over and over again. I know she wants to promote her line, but the Oscars are a chance to pick a dress from the world's top designers. How can she turn that down?

What were your favs of the night?

[all images, if not noted above, can be found on eonline]


plinphx said...

Alicia Keys was stunning! I have to agree with you. She has never looked better!!

melissa said...

I almost dies when I saw Penelope Cruz. I LOVE that dress.

Jenny.Lee said...

I felt like Jessica's dress was off too. It could have been really pretty but it just wasn't.

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