Appreciation #5: the public library

I could spend all day in a library. I love skimming though books, getting ideas...reading excerpts. The book nerd in me is released to her fullest. There are times when I will check out like, 20 books at a time (no joke) and make notes or copies of the best pages (usually crafting books) and then return them. I don't have to spend $100 and I get to keep the best pages. Nuthin' like it.

Lately, I've been checking out CDs and uploading them to my laptop. Free music, baby!

And since I'm looking for a new fiction book to read, let me know your lastest fav so I can check it out next time I go!


Caitlin said...

The library is the best place on earth.

melissa said...

I agree. I love libraries. They have been very helpful for wedding planning too. The internet provides great inspiration but I found that my local library has a huge section of wedding books, DIY guides, and stationary/papercraft books with loads of ideas.

amybyrd said...

love the library--you should get on goodreads--we can be "friends" on there--you can see who is reading what and what they think. I just finished--Swapping Lives by Jane Green (pretty good), dameon(a techno thriller--awesome read), Time of My Life (nice chick lit). Man, Woman, and Child by Erich Segal(old book but a good read).

Once A Bride said...

I will check into that Amy!

Once A Bride said...

I will check into that Amy!

Sondra's Ink said...

My mom was a librarian, turned Assistant Principal, when I was growing up. Books have always been a huge part of my life. I knew the Dewey Decimal System like nobody's business!! lol.

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