Appreciation #6: my dog, Sadie.

This is the only photo I could find of her---she is so camera shy. As soon as you point one at her, she turns her face! My little Sadie is sitting at my feet right this moment. She rarely leaves my side. She is a mutt that we got from The Denver Dumb Friends League. Everyone tries to guess what mixed breed she could be. It's become a big game. I told Matt we should start a pool. Everyone puts in a dollar to find out. Then we could get the DNA test and the winner would have the leftover money.

As most pet lovers would understand, she has brought more joy to my life than I can explain.

Sadie's sweet idiosyncrasies:
*She sleeps under my side of the bed and doesn't get up until I do
*She'll play fetch until her little paws bleed (so eager!)
*She's nice to our cats
*She's VERY excited when we come home
*She tries really hard to learn the command "shake" (still working on this)
*She's a great camping dog-no bears will come near us
*She follows me around from room to room as if to say, "I'm still here, mommy!"
*She knows the word "kong", and she loves her kong like noone would believe.

Matt really wants another dog...but neither of us are experts on breeds. What kind of dog would you recommend?


Kristy Goldman said...

No kidding.... my boxer's name is Sadie! How bizarre... My jaw dropped when I read this!

Remember Something Blue

Once A Bride said...

i love boxers! great minds think alike ;)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

She's adorable! And I love that she likes kongs. I tried to give my dog one, but he played with it for about three minutes and then gave up. Hasn't touched it since.

Did I miss anything?

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