Engagement season is underway... {contest!}

and I've got a surprise for you!

First, allow me to say, "Congratulations!" to anyone who may have gotten engaged over the weekend. Valentine's day is known for encouraging boyfriends everywhere to drop on on one knee. I'm sure that there are more than a few of you who got engaged over the holidays, as well. Yea!

I could not have survived without my wedding planner, which I made from a binder and some folders. I have been known to go down to the basement (where all of our wedding memorabilia is kept) and take it out from time to time. It carries so many memories of planning the big day. I must have changed my mind about colors at least a dozen times.

Well, I have my hands on a new Martha Stewart Keepsake Wedding Planner, which I want to give to one lucky bride (or groom) in two weeks. Contest time!! Don't we all love winning something?!

Here are the rules:

Leave a comment with your engagement date and link back to this post in your blog. And if you want to become a follower, I'll love you forever (I truly read all of my follower's blogs). I will choose the winner at random on March 3rd (that's my second wedding anniversary!).

This planner is full of beautiful photos, practical advice and lots of space to add all of your image clips, business cards, and notes. So, who wants to win!?


Candice said...

Hey! I'm already married so don't enter me in your contest...but I just wanted to say hi and thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to read more of yours:)

elizabeth said...

That planner would be super helpful.. engaged 12/7/09 (on the beach, at sunset, I must add :) )

One Barefoot Bride

Krista said...

We're far enough along in our wedding planning that we don't need a wedding planner, so don't enter us. I hope you don't mind, but I thought this contest was neat, and posted it for more people to see.

(And in case you're interested, we got engaged 12/15/2007, just over a year ago, and will be married in just over 3 more months!)

Dorothy said...

This planner would be super helpful as we're just in the beginning stages of wedding planning(and I'm graduating college in May to make it even more interesting!) Engaged 12/7/2008 and loving every minute of it so far!

Jenn said...

hello hello...I must say I love wedding blogs, I spend a good portion of my day at work reading so many wonderful ideas. We got engaged on August 8, 2008 at 8 minutes past midnight. I had been wishing for 5 years we would get married on that day, and as it approached I was sad that it was not going to be that way, so my wonderful boyfriend proposed with the 8 reason we are meant to be.

mims said...

I was engaged Sept 17/06~the day before my birthday, and yes, it's a loooong engagement! After some frustration, I see I am now a follower of your blog!!

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