Gift baskets for the bridal party.

Like most of you, I really like the idea of a welcome basket for out-of-town guests. This can be a pretty labor intensive undertaking, as well as pricey. Here's a twist on the idea. After many weddings, the bridesmaids and groomsmen continue the party well after the reception ends. If your bridal party is staying in a nearby hotel, it's a thoughtful gesture to send them off with a gift basket containing some sustenance and goodies. It's a small detail that will go a long way. Don't forget to add ribbon in your wedding colors and a personal thank you note.

Some ideas:
extra cake
water (especially if there was an open bar)
instant cocoa or coffee (if they are staying in a hotel)
bottle of wine, or a couple of beers (perhaps your bridal party was too busy to imbibe?)
cheese and crackers

Maybe you want to send them off with a breakfast basket:
pancake/crepe mix
biscuit or scone mix
Canadian ham slices
maple syrup
coffee cake

It's great to use local resources and ingredients when putting a guest basket together. But anything you are able to make at home adds a personal touch.

Have you done anything like this? What did you include?


Chelsea C. said...

I love the breakfast basket idea! Yum!

I tagged you in a post today! Great Blog!

melissa said...

Great tips. I would love to do out of town welcome baskets/bags but think this is a project that may have to be cut.

Thanks for you posts today. I have to admit it took me awhile to figure out what DOC stood for. Department of Corrections? Then I remembered that I am gaining knowledge of weddingspeak where acronyms mean different things - like STDs. Thanks - but I am WAY to anal retentive and controlling to let anyone else take over. Then we would no longer be friends. :)

Once A Bride said...

haha dept. of corrections--funny. :)

Pattie Cordova said...

I do gift baskets as a side business and a big tip for doing gift baskets for out of towners is making them in a tote bag so they can pack it in their luggage when they return. Postcards (pre-stamped) are also a plus to include as well as maps.

Once A Bride said...

Pattie--great ideas. Thanks!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

What a great idea! Especially the breakfast basket. Personal and yummy!

Rob and Amy said...

For our guests, we got baskets and included all things "Texas". I had labels made that we put on bottles of water that said "Welcome Y'all!" in a rope font, and Enjoy your stay underneath that. We put a can of Dr Pepper in there, since DP is in Texas, and a bag of Fritos for Frito Lay. We had a dear friend make pralines for us, so they also included a praline. We had another friend roast some amazing pecans, and had pecans in the basket as well as 2 apples for color!!!!! We had tons and tons of compliments! And honestly, it was relatively cheap!

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