Princess project.

Do you have a bridesmaid's dress you know you won't wear again? Maybe you outgrew it or it's too long or short for your taste...

Donate it to the Princess Project, a non-profit that gives prom dresses to disadvantaged teens in California.

Think about all the girls that can really use them in the upcoming prom season, especially because of this economy.

If you don't live in California and you'd like to donate, have your dress dry-cleaned and mail it to:

The Princess Project
c/o Team Worldwide
405 Eccles Ave. South
San Fransisco, CA 94080


jennapier said...

This is a such a great charity! Thank you for sharing and I'll happy spread the word.


Emily said...

ahhhh... I have a few and some dresses that I wore to formals in college for my sorority.. what an amazing cause!
LOVE YOUR blog:) Adorable! thanks for stopping bye mine! Ill be back:)

Jenn said...

I donated my old prom dresses, and I plan to donate the BM dress I'm wearing next month :)

Thanks for the awesome advice on my blog, too.

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