Sparkle and shine.

I came across this engagement session on Denver photographer Jared Wilson's blog and I instantly became enamoured with the couple. I think a great engagement shoot will make the viewer feel like the photographer captured the spirit and personality of the couple, as well as their love. If you don't know the couple, you'll want to. And if you do know the couple, you'll think, "That is SO them!"

I don't happen to know the gorgeous couple below, but Jared's photos left me wanting more.

How often do you see the groom-to-be as the focus of the shot?


amybyrd said...

very cool, I had never heard of him before, I love these less traditional engagement shoots--I kind of wish I had had one.

Aliya said...

wow, gorgeous!

being an indian bride myself, i love seeing wedding/engagement portraits of other indian couples! thank you so much for sharing this!

Jared Wilson said...

Hey there! Thanks for the kind words! This was a really fun session - and their wedding was great too! I get to do another Indian wedding this year for some friends of theirs and I'm really looking forward to it!

Did I miss anything?

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