You're engaged! Now what?

You just got engaged! Yea! Now what?! When and how does all the planning begin?

Your first thought is probably to call everyone you know and tell them the good news. Then your mind will probably start wandering to your dream gown. How could it not?

But--first thing's first. After you've enjoyed the first few days (or weeks) of being engaged, it's time to talk turkey. That's right--the dreaded 'B' word. You and your fiance should determine a loose idea of what you are going to spend on your wedding. If your budget is $1000, most likely you aren't going to have an uber-fancy reception featuring ice sculptures. Your budget will help determine the formality of your wedding, which in turn will affect every other decision, including your gown.

After you determine your budget, then you can think of the overall style and formality you want. Then, all of the above considered, you can decide on a date and location. Your date and location could be effected by one another. You may have a dream location in mind and someone else could have booked that venue on your wedding date. If your heart is set on a specific date, be flexible with the locale of your reception and vice-versa.

With those major decisions aside, you can start researching your vendors and decide on all the details that will make your wedding vision unique.

You can go here to win a keepsake planner or go to russell+hazel to download free wedding- planning templates. Enjoy every minute of the planning process, even if you hire someone to plan for you, being a bride is an exciting time in your life!


Kristine said...

I just got engaged about a month ago and have been so overwhelmed! Thanks for the guidance.

Did I miss anything?

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