Appreciation #7: coffeeeeeeee.

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I love it.
Recently, I've even been known to drink decaf. Oh, the horror.

I never thought I would see this day. I used to be a tea drinker. No coffee for me, thank-you. It hurt my stomach. I hated the taste and caffeine didn't really do it for me, anyway.

Until I discovered the Starbucks latte. I was so ashamed of myself. I wanted to support the mom and pops, the corner coffee shop. But nobody can make a latte the way Starbucks can.

Slowly, on early, cold, stressful mornings at the office, I found myself meandering toward the coffee pot and enjoying a cup here and there. No sugar, just creamer. Co-workers would make fun of it--'Want a little coffee for your milk?" ha. ha. At first, I watered it down. And then I would follow my cup with my usual English Breakfast. But soon, I liked the caffeine jump I got from the coffee.

Fast forward to a year later and now, each morning, I make a whole, big pot just for myself. I don't water it down anymore and I put less creamer in it. I actually like the taste. The creamy, strong goodness.

It's become my morning ritual and I SO appreciate my coffee.

What's your favorite coffee drink?


Teresa said...

agreed! i cannot live without it. well, maybe i can, but the migraine that accompanies having no coffee is debilitating!

amybyrd said...

I am a mocha fan or the espresso truffle(but I gave up chocolate for lent--I don't know what I was thinking) so I have been drinking vanilla lattes with a shot of caramel
I saw this on another blog and had to share it with you in light of this post

jlc said...

Great pic!!! And I totally agree with you!

The Wishful Dreamer said...

Oh I used to be in love with coffee. Well technically I still am but I'm trying to give it up. :( No money to spend on the yummy goodness at the coffee shop makes me caffeine deprived. Thank goodness for my Super Irish Breakfast Tea!

Krista said...

Yum ... I usually love a cup of coffee. :)

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