Easy fabric swatches.

This past weekend I was in David's Bridal and saw these:

Even if you don't get your bridesmaids' dresses from David's Bridal, you can go in and buy a fabric swatch for a buck. Think about how easy it would be to show your long-distance friends what colors you're thinking about having them wear. They'd be really great for the bridesmaids' fashion report.


Krista said...

Paint chips (free from Home Depot, Lowe's, Canadian Tire, and anywhere else that sells paint)) are also a good idea, albeit not as nice as a fabric swatch.

Once A Bride said...

i am a huge fan of paint chips! I use them for all sorts of projects. :)

very married said...

haha - was also going to suggest the paint samples from home depot. this is a good idea too - paper and fabric can be really different.

Cyd said...

Fantastic idea!

Krista said...

We're all on the same wavelength, I see.

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