The groom's cake.

I'm happy to say that while some traditions survive, many do not. Breaking cake over the bride's head? Not on that perfectly coiffed 'do, thankyouverymuch.

One tradition that has made a comeback in recent years is the groom's cake. Rooted in the South, it was originally meant as a gift from the bride to the groom. At the end of the wedding, superstitious single women would go home with a slice of the liquor-soaked cake and sleep with it under their pillows. Legend has it, each woman would dream of her future husband.

Whether you believe in legends or not, a groom's cake is certainly a way to highlight your future hubby's interests. It can be a fun addition to the rehearsal dinner or as a sidekick to the main dessert.



[images: Cake Girls]


ParisPink said...

I love the Groom's cake. I wanted my husband to get one, but he didn't :( so we didn't have one, but I think they are so fun. For my brother's wedding we had a cake made in a baseball field and served it at the rehersal dinner. It was a hit!

Hannah Noel said...

It is insane what people can do with cakes nowadays!
Mr.AF is ALLLLL about having not only a "Groom's Cake" but a "Groom's Table"!

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