I like celebrity gossip, too.

I know this blog has been super focused on weddings lately (and as you can see from the post below, with good reason). But I would like to incorporate other important world topics, like celebrity gossip. I plan to have a just-weddings blog soon, so in the meantime let me take a little moment here to digress. I read that Star Magazine claimed Jennifer Aniston dumped John Mayer over Twitter--or his overuse of it. Really?! Really?! How bad can it be? I suppose he's a twitterholic. Read more of the story here and here.

On that note, you can follow me on Twitter and I'll follow you too. Let's get addicted.

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Future Mrs. H said...

I can see dumping a guy over a facebook obsession (abundance of friends that are girls - random chicks writing on his wall - messaging girls he doesn't know) but twitter?! Seriously?

Once A Bride said...

I know! Crazy, right?

Jessie said...

Hey. My monograms are online now. I deletet the first post.

Stephanie @ Gossip. Style. Wed. said...

Wow. Love, love, lust your blog. Seriously. And thanks for the advice today - fantastic perspective :)

Anonymous said...


Did I miss anything?

I love to post inspired ideas and photos from other blogs and the web. I try my best to give credit where it's due, but if I miss something, please let me know. And, if you want something taken down, I can do that. No problemo.