I love learning about other cultures and traditions. Recently, I was reading about the history of the ketubah. It is a Jewish pre-nuptial agreement. It describes the groom's responsibility to and for the bride. Traditionally it was customary for the man to provide his wife with a dowry to protect her if she became widowed or divorced. The ketubah is a custom that is more than 2000 years old. In essence, it was one of the first legal documents giving financial and legal rights to women.

Today, it's still an integral part of the Jewish wedding ceremony. However, it's now more of a symbolic document, rather than a legal one. At times, couples have artists or scribes create beautiful ketubahs, before matting and framing them for their home.

Here are some examples of ketubah designs.

{New Ketubah}

{Ketubah Tree}

{Cool Ketubah}


Nicole said...

very interesting...now that I think about it...I have never been to a Jewish wedding...

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