A way to say, "Thank you."

After the wedding, writing thank you notes can seem like a bit of a chore, especially if you've had a large event. There are ways to make this task a little easier if you're prepared.

If you've ordered your cards as part of your stationery set, you'll have them on hand early. And if your cards are an element that you want to do-it-yourself, a good idea is to have them completed before the wedding. As your gifts start arriving (and many of them do before the wedding) make sure you keep a record of who is sending what. It's especially nice if you send an acknowledgement note as soon as you get the gift. But if you find that you're falling behind and don't have time, keeping a log will help with the process of sending your thank yous go by faster when you're ready to begin.

There's no need for a long letter in your thank you card. Five or so sentences will suffice. The most important thing is that your sentiment is authentic. Name the sender's gift, why you appreciate it and how you might find yourself using it in the future. It's also nice to thank the sender for coming to the wedding (if they attended, of course). For cash gifts, you need not mention the dollar amount, but you can explain what you plan on using the money for. Although it's not necessary for both the bride and groom to co-author each card, it's perfectly acceptable to do so. However, especially for larger weddings, if the groom writes his family and friends, naming his spouse in the note, and the bride does the same, the cards can be completed quicker.

It's best to send thank you cards within the month after your wedding, but no later than three months after the event. If you write your cards out in small batches, the task won't seem so overwhelming.

Here' are some ideas if you go with a stationery pro:

Here's some DIY inspiration:

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Hannah Noel said...

Writing thank-you notes CAN be a very long task!! We had to write about 60-70 for our first Bridal shower. I still have another shower and the actual wedding to go through yet!! haha

Cyd said...

I love receiving pretty thank you notes in the mail so I'm oddly not dreading this part of the wedding as much as I know other people do...but that might change once I'm frolicking about the ocean on our honeymoon. :-)

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