Outside the box and off the rack.

When shopping for your wedding dress, don't forget your local department store if you're looking for a less elaborate gown. Each of these can be found at department stores, all for less than $1000, most under $500.

{BCBG, via Nordstrom}

{Sue Wong, via Nordstrom}

{Aidan Mattox, via Nordstrom}


Ashley said...

i wore the sue wong dress! and nordstrom is great because the shipping was free and they had a 2 month return period where you could ship back for free. So the risk of it not fitting isn't a concern.

i loved my dress! i didn't know what i was going to do before i found it because nothing in the bridal stores was simple enough for me... i didn't want to be a "princess" on my wedding day lol.

AmyJean said...

What gorgeous dresses! Great idea too... local stores, i'll have to do that! :)

Anonymous said...

You featured some really great dresses. I'm glad things have changed since I got married. The selection in stores was terrible. Of course, I'm sure it depends on what city you live in.

Once A Bride said...

Ashley--that Sue Wong is gorgeous, isn't it!! Would love to see it on you!

Cherished--it's amazing how much gowns have changed even since I got married two years ago. The whole market has opened up to a slew of new choices.

Amy, you haven't gotten your dress yet! Ohhh, can't wait to read about your shopping experience.

Cyd said...

Love the Marchesa! Wish I could pull it off...

Carly said...

I love the 4th dress (Kay Unger). It is amazing how beautiful department store wedding dresses are. I'm very impressed!!

Alexandra said...

I love the 4th dress, it's so cute. If you're looking for a particular dress style try posting on Weddzilla.com

Ashley said...

Here's a couple of pics of me wearing the sue wong:



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