I found this site yesterday called viovio, which is not unlike Blurb or Shutterfly in that you can make your own hard cover books. Their prices start at $19.99. This gives me more motivation to finally get my wedding photos in some order so I can put them in one of these types of 'coffee table' books.

Besides the above, do you know of any other great sites for this type of project?

Completely unrelated, I just scored really great tickets to the U2 show in Las Vegas. I have been a fan for oh, you know, ever, and I'm really excited to see them in October (six months away!).


amybyrd said...

I made really cool flip books for my bridesmaids with My Publisher--good quality and they always have coupons--I used a buy one get one free two different times to buy 4 books for the price of 2. The software is not too Mac Friendly but on the PC it worked great. I love Shutterly and have made so many great things there! Their collages are my new favorite!

Jenny.Lee said...

Thank you so much for posting about this...I have been looking for other sites besides blurb to make these style of books!

Anonymous said...

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