Brides on the other side.

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So-you've walked down that aisle. You've said, "I do!" and kissed the man of your dreams. You've celebrated with family and friends and now you're on the other side. They say hindsight is 20/20--so tell me and all my wonderful readers out there, what is one thing you would do differently? Leave a comment and use this post as forum to give upcoming brides your best words of wisdom. I know I could've used some sound advice as a bride!

Would you have chosen different colors?
Spent less money?
Chosen a different caterer?
Changed something in a vendor contract that ended up biting you in the butt?
Had a larger or smaller bridal party?

Do tell!


amybyrd said...

I loved my wedding and probably wouldn't change a thing. We had just what we wanted a party for our friends following a meaningful ceremony for us and our friends(a Catholic mass which is not for everyone but is important to us). I would try to spend less money as I feel bad now that the economy basically crashed 3 months after my wedding and my parents had spent so much money. I love my wedding pictures but everytime I see someone who has had more photojournalistic ones I am a little jealous. Its hard to stop looking.

The best thing I did was set a deadline--2 weeks out--if it wasn't done by then it wasn't happening, so I could relax and spend time with my family and friends--that made all the difference!

Once A Bride said...

I think the two week deadline is a must! It's important to be ahead of schedule so that you're not frantic days before the wedding.

I sort of wish I spent less money, too....

Diana said...

I'm still on the wedding planning side of things, but thankfully my dad got married last year, a coworker got married two years ago, and a friend is planning a wedding for this summer (mine is next summer). I am lucky because I've had lots of these kinds of conversations.

My coworker said she wouldn't have spent so much money. Her parents gave her the money, but she wishes she had saved it for a down payment on a house instead of the wedding. She also said she would have set a dress budget and stuck to it, because she spent a fortune on a silk ball gown. She loved the dress, but the cost was a lot for one day.

My parents loved their wedding, but there were a lot of things that they spent money on that could have been DIY or skipped and they would have saved a lot (flowers, favors, centerpeices).

The best piece of advice was those who mind don't matter and those who matter won't mind. It really reminded us that those who really love us won't be offended if we don't have a 5 course meal, a full bar, or favors.

It took my fiance and I a while to get where we are in the planning phase. There has been lots of frustration and many conversations about the pros of eloping together, but ultimately we found a perfect location for very cheap and the other pieces have fallen into place with a little luck and a little patience.

Once A Bride said...

A dress budget is so important, b/c once you start trying on those gowns you can't afford and you end up wanting one, it just makes you feel icky. Better to have an idea in mind and stick to it--great advice, Diana!

Hannah Noel said...

I definitely would have gone with my first instinct and had a small wedding, or at least not had a reception.
I just got married less than 2 weeks ago. I loved the ceremony, but once I got to the reception I didn't enjoy myself at all.

I really wanted to spend time with my close friends and family. and to EAT.
Instead, I stood up for an hour or two saying the same "thank you's" over and over and over and over while people bombarded me. It defeated the whole point of not having a receiving line.
I ended up wanting to leave the reception ASAP because I was so tired and getting cranky and I was starving. Then I started crying when it was time to go because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to my close family and friends!

Seriously think about big weddings and all it involves. What are the important keys you want to have on your wedding day?
As a bride who was leaving the reception, not to see her family and friends for several months, I wish I would have chosen a small, intimate wedding.

Hannah Noel said...

Oh yeah--- and don't freak about the small stuff.

My DIY programs didn't get printed. -- Nobody noticed, and honestly I don't think it really mattered at all.

We had fake flowers--- people couldn't stop talking about how beautiful they were. I was so happy with that decision.

We had dove chocolate as our favors-- they are cheap, and (most)people love them.

We didn't have bubbles, sparklers, bird seed or rose petals for the guests to send us off with. To me it wasn't worth spending a couple hundred bucks on something that was immediately going to be thrown away. Everyone just clapped or did "spirit fingers" thanks to one of my silly girlfriends. It was perfect for all of us.

Once A Bride said...

Yes..don't sweat the small stuff---great saying for life in general. Hannah, the best part about being on the other side, no matter what the reception was like, is that now you are married and get to spend your life with someone you adore. :) Thank you so much for sharing--such good advice.

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