[Yes, those are pearls in my wedding day necklace. Uh-oh.]

With a big part of today's wedding budget going toward photography, I have more than once suggested that a bride and groom see each other before the ceremony in order to have more time for photos. However, many of them opt to wait until the infamous walk down the aisle.

This tradition began because it was considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the actual ceremony. Today, I think most couples simply want the element of surprise.

Here are some other lesser-known superstitions and folklore:

~Pearls are the symbols of tears. For each pearl a bride wears, her husband will give her a cause for weeping.
Just another reason for diamonds, right ladies?

~It is bad luck to make your own wedding gown.
Now you have an excuse for not learning how to sew.

~The bride should drink a glass of water after the ceremony.
Does champagne count? It's made with water...

~At the wedding, the bride should see the groom before he sees her.
Another reason for the bride to peak out at all the guests and her groom-to-be before she walks down the aisle.

~Give the clergy an odd sum of money for good luck.
I suppose with this reasoning, you should avoid the number 13 and include the number 7.

~It's good luck for the bride to dream of her wedding day.
I don't know about you, but that means I should have great luck for years, because I did plenty 'o dreaming of the big day before it happened.

Are there any unusual traditions you are planning to include or ignore on your wedding day?


amybyrd said...

we saw each other before our mass and I am so glad we did--it was one of the few moments we were truly alone and it made me so much less nervous!

KATE said...

oh your necklace is soo pretty

Lara said...

LOL, My wedding jewellery IS pearls: two pearl earrings and a single pearl on a chain, and an organza bracelet with about 6 more pearls on.

Clearly I will have many weepy moments, but I'm not superstitious. We're also seeing one another before I walk down the aisle.

We're not very traditional :)

Bobby Earle said...

Wow all over that necklace!


melissa said...

Oops. I wore a pearl necklace. Never heard that one before. But as I say to my husband - sometimes crying is because I am happy :)

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