Real wedding: Mike and Abby

Oh, the eye candy.

Not just of the amazing wedding photography but also of the gorgeous couple. This wedding took place in the Bahamas and I seriously think it could be the leading ad campaign for island weddings.

Jody and Zach of Zorn Photography are also fashion photographers and I think this gives them a fresh, modern approach to their wedding photography. No stuffy formal portraits here.

I love the easy, breezy feel of these photos. And the wedding colors the bride and groom chose are beautiful and soft, and the orange gives just the right amount of kick.

There is so much more to see of this fabulous wedding here, under 'featured weddings--Harbour Island, Bahamas'.


Carol said...

Loving the colours and the relaxed and fun feel of this wedding!

Lindsay said...

So pretty. I am obsessed with her dress!

Jenny.Lee said...

Wow, you are so right! This wedding belongs in a magazine ad! Gorgeous! I really like the BM dresses.

LPC said...

Really beautiful.

very married said...

ooo, those bridesmaids look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS wedding (and bride and groom)!!!

Cyd said...

So beautiful! Especially love the bridesmaid dresses, the color is incredible

Mollie D said...

The photography always comes out well when the bride is gorgeous! Looks like a really cool wedding

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