Bride trashes dress, saves lives!

And you thought trashing your dress was all in the name of fun...

{Photo: Yahoo News}

A Connecticut bride was on her way home from her reception when she noticed that a house was on fire. When she heard a woman inside the burning home yelling that she wouldn't leave without her animals, the bride, still wearing her wedding gown, dashed into the house and pulled the owner out.

Talk about a wedding night you'll never forget!

Read more here and here.

Thanks for the tip, Mary!


Lara said...

Love this story, and of course she did the right thing.

I like to think I would do the same. Trashing my dress wouldn't even enter my mind, but I might be too scared to go inside a burning building...

Jenny.Lee said...

Wow, that is amazing.

BeerBudgetBride said...

What a great story! I love the last part - "Clemons says she messed up her shoes, but says that's no big deal because everyone is safe." HAH!

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