The dreaded 'B' word: hidden costs.

When you're planning your budget, it's important to remember that there are hidden costs to many elements of your budget. Some are literally hidden, but most are numbers you forget to consider, like postage.

Here are some of the most common 'hidden costs':
~Postage: Don't forget to add this number in your stationery budget. Keep in mind that square or bulky invitations can cost up to $2 each to mail. When you're mailing 100 invitations, this is a significant number to keep in mind.

~Dress Alterations: These can be a doozy. It's known that there are some shops that will order the dress in a much larger size than what the bride wears so that alterations will cost more. Make sure the dress shop orders the dress is the size you are at that moment and ask what their alteration costs are. I like to recommend finding a shop that puts a cap on their alteration costs. For instance, Destiny's Bride in Scottsdale, AZ won't charge more than $250 no matter how many alterations you have to get.

~Cake Cutting Fee: Make sure you ask if either your caterers or reception site managers will charge you a fee to cut and serve your wedding cake. Some charge per slice, anywhere from $1-$5 a slice.

~Gratuities: If you plan on tipping any of your vendors, these costs should be figured into your original budget.

~Taxes: Taxes on your bigger budget expenditures, such as catering will certainly add up.

~Rental Delivery and Pick-Up: Find out how much that rental company is going to charge you to deliver folding chairs and glassware. I coordinated a wedding last weekend and the rental company charged a delivery fee of $25 and a pick-up fee of $200. These numbers can be budget busters if they are not accounted for early on. These charges can change depending on the time of day of your delivery and pick-up, so make sure you check beforehand.

Knowing these tips and tricks can help you stay within your budget and prepare you to read the fine print of your contracts.


Caroline said...

good point! I didn't think about the caterer charging for every slice of cake they cut.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Great points. Hidden costs can be budget killers.

Cyd said...

I lucked out and only had $107 worth of alterations...but still, that's $107 I'd love to have in my checking account about now.

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