The dreaded 'B' word.

I don't think any bride and groom get engaged and then turn to each other and say, "I can't wait to figure out our budget!" It's simply no. fun.

But it must be done. In fact, this should be the first thing you do, because the funds available can help you pick the season/date and the formality of your wedding.

After you find out what parents may or may not be chipping in, decide how much you have to spend and then crunch some numbers, using the guide below to get you started.

Ceremony-3% (of your total budget)
Includes ceremony location fee, officiant fee, marriage license, ring pillow, flower girl supplies

Includes transportation, food, cake, bar, rentals, parking, favors

Includes gown, shoes, jewelry, veil, lingerie, hair/makeup, tux, rings, groom's shoes


Includes videography, wedding albums, engagement photos

Includes ceremony music, cocktail hour, reception

Includes ceremony decor, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, flower girl, etc.

Includes save-the-dates, programs, seating cards, invitations, thank you cards, menu cards/place cards, postage, guest book, calligraphy

Includes bridal party, parents, welcome baskets, etc.

Since the above budget planner can be modified to your needs, it also helps if you decide beforehand which elements of your wedding are more important to you. If your budget allows for $1000 for both flowers and music, but having your dream band is more important to you than Peonies, then by all means move some of your flower budget over to your music budget. The key word here though, is move. You'll be happier when all is said and done if you stayed within your budget.


Krista said...

this is an easy way to think about it and provides something to look at instead of just think up!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

thanks for sharing.

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