Going to the dogs.

I recently read an article in USA Today about couples having their dogs step in as wedding attendants-not just in casual affairs, but more in more in elegant, chichi affairs. One shop, mentioned in the article, has seen sales of upscale doggie accessories like gowns, tuxedos, bow ties and crystal leads and collars go up in recent years.

While I think this is an adorable idea, it should be said, that your little furry creature should be trained and should love crowds. Otherwise, you might have more fuss than fun on your big day.

Here are some tips for pet success on your wedding day, courtesy of USA Today:

-Make sure your venue allows animals
-Does your pet need some extra training before walking down that aisle?
-Take your pet to the venue to get accustomed to it before the big day.
-Assign a pet-sitter: someone to tend to it and transport it while it's not with you.
-Most pets won't last the whole day, so prioritize it's schedule and events.
-Take photos with the pet on a different day--hire a pet photographer.
What do you think? Pets or no pets?


Miss HoneyDew said...

I would LOVE to have my 2 pups in our wedding but I know it would be way to chaotic for me to take care of. I think it's a cute idea though!

Mary & Julie said...

We love our pups, but would rather not worry about them while we are enjoying our day. We'll buy them "pup-cakes" to make up for it.

BEL said...

i'd love to have our puppy there but i'm sure it'll be a disaster. so we're having him in our engagement pictures and on our wine labels instead. he's still part of the day, but disaster averted!

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