Etsy crystal finds.

One of my couples is having a crystal-filled wedding at the end of the month. From the bride's dress to the chandeliers to the candle holders, this wedding is going to sparkle. I was browsing etsy to find some supplemental decor items and found myself caught up with the jewelry section. Big surprise there, being the jewelry fan that I am!

Whether for a wedding or for a night on the town, these are sure to be eye-catching.





Brit said...

I love Etsy finds! And, that cuff is fantastic!

Krista said...

Those necklaces, the briolettes (is that what they're called) and the drop necklaces ... all so stunning! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These are all so gorgeous! I love them all, the best part is you could wear most of them after the wedding as well. Thanks so much for sharing!

Cyd said...

I love the crystals dripping down the back, so beautiful!

lfabianus said...

Wow! I love that jewelry. Gorgeous.


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