My mom, the bride.

I just got back from an amazing vacation in Maui, Hawaii. I know! Lucky me!

However this wasn't just any vacation...the purpose behind the trip was my mom's wedding. It was her dream to get married barefoot on the beach amongst a small, intimate group of family and friends. I am happy to report that her dream came true.

Here's a little background for you. My mom and her guy have been together for a while and the engagement ring she picked out had been sitting in a hidden spot in the house. For some time, she's been wondering when he would pop the question.

My mom's boyfriend called a couple of months ago to tell me he was planning on proposing to her in Hawaii and that he wanted my husband and I along for the trip (he knows how super tight my mom and I are--super thoughtful, right?). Before long, as excited as he was, he let the cat out of the bag and ended up telling my mom where they were going. Being that she had never been to Hawaii, she got more and more excited, as did he. Before he knew it, he was popping the question....in Phoenix. Couldn't hold out for the trip. Before we all knew it, the trip turned from an engagement vacation to a wedding vacation.

I am so thrilled that my mom has found someone that makes her happy and honored that I was there to experience their beautiful, intimate and spiritual ceremony.

Did I miss anything?

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