Happy New Year!

Liene from Splendid Communications has a wonderful post on Mental Detox. Instead of making a resolution that you won't keep, try to pick a few items from her list to focus on in the New Year. It just might revitalize your spirits and help you keep things in perspective as you head into 2010. Wow-2010!

Happy Holidays!

(Cute snowflake curtain from Bugs and Fishes--how crafty!)

Have a wonderful holiday!

I hope you stay warm and safe and that you enjoy time with family and friends.


Fun for Kids.

It's always a good idea to provide short-term entertainment for the little ones at your wedding, especially during mealtime. Even if it's as simple as providing something to color on and with, the parents will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I love these cute chalkboard place mats for the kids at your wedding. They would be great at an outdoor or Colorado mountain wedding. Another simpler and more inexpensive twist on the idea is to use colored paper that matches your color scheme and supplying crayons or colored pencils.

Alternatively, these place mats provide games and coloring options at only $3.99 per dozen.

There are many great options for creating your own coloring/game book, as well. A google search will lead to you to some ideas for personalizing your own wedding-themed kids' activity book.


Save The Date Idea.

Many of you may have heard of Wordle by now, but if you haven't it can be a fun distraction. I was on the site today browsing and I started thinking that if the right combination of words were used, a Wordle would be a great inspiration for a Save-The-Date. If the site randomly created one you could use, then you could copy it straight from the site and make a DIY Save-The-Date. Alternatively, you can have one created on the site and use it for inspiration to create your own 'wordle'. This can be done on a a simple program such as Microsoft Digital Image Standard or Photoshop.

Here's a Wordle created using my blog feed:

Here's a 'Wordle' I whipped up on Microsoft Digital Image Standard (using far less words for a simple STD):

Try the site out and play around--it may just give you some ideas!


Oh, baby!

This blog has always been a mix of my professional and personal life. I've shared tidbits and short stories of life happenings and of my business ventures. I've loved having this blog and because of it, I've met amazing people along the way. This is only one of the reasons why I feel so badly that my postings have been less than frequent in the past few months.

There is one very personal thing that has happened in my life and I always thought that when it did, I would blog away about it. But the opposite happened. I found that I sort of wanted to keep the news to myself and enjoy all the changes that were about to happen in my life.

I found out I was pregnant in late July. My husband and I were (and still are) ecstatic. However, I found myself concentrating on my business so much that I didn't take a lot of time to pause and enjoy my first trimester (I can say 'enjoy' because I was lucky enough not to have any morning sickness!). So, this fall that's exactly what I've been doing. When I should be blogging, I might be reading baby blogs instead or learning how to knit a baby blanket, or figuring out how to decorate the nursery. My husband I have also been in the process of selling our current house and trying to find a new one.

I promise I've been here in spirit. I'm still reading blogs and keeping up with all you lovely brides out there. I feel that my personal life is once again balanced with my professional life and you should start seeing more of my posts. I also have some fun changes to the blog coming in the New Year.

Thank you for hanging in there! And btw, I'm due April 18th and it's a boy!

Did I miss anything?

I love to post inspired ideas and photos from other blogs and the web. I try my best to give credit where it's due, but if I miss something, please let me know. And, if you want something taken down, I can do that. No problemo.