Registry basics.

  • There are no rules when choosing where you’d like to register. However, make sure you check with the store’s or site’s return and exchange policies. For example, can you return without a receipt? If so, will you get the full amount for the product as in-store credit or cash? Can your guests choose to have gift wrapping when shipping? If so, what are the fees?
  • Try to register for gifts that have a wide variety of price ranges.
  • Popular stores: Macy’s, Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohls, Bloomingdales, Target, Pottery Barn, and Williams-Sonoma.
  • Popular websites: Amazon, and Overstock.
  • Other ideas: travel agencies, the hotel where you’re honeymooning, or in lieu of gifts ask your guests to donate to your favorite charity.
  • Remember that it is a major faux-pas to include your registry information in the invitation. Let your family and wedding party spread the word about where you are registered.


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