Choosing a wedding planner. (Recycled Post)

Recently, I heard a story from a bride who had a bad experience with her wedding planner. I use the word 'bad' here lightly. I simply think it was a case of misunderstanding. The bride felt she wasn't getting what she needed from the planner. This particular wedding planner is very well established and has raving reviews. She is also extremely busy and isn't the creative type-she's all business. What this bride needed was a planner who had time to go to dress fittings, time to answer questions when family problems arose and someone who understood her creative vision and could help it come to life. Who she hired was a women who is fabulous at logistics and getting the job done quickly, but not much on the hand holding and chats.

Deciding to hire a wedding planner, or coordinator is a big decision and it's not something an engaged couple should take lightly. If you want a planner to help you through the process, more often than not, this person will be in your life for the next year or more. It's important for you to decide what type of planner you want.

Do you need someone every now and then to help you make a tough decision?
Are you the type of bride who wants your planner with you every step of the way?
Do you want someone to help mitigate the family dynamic?
Do you need someone who is all business who only sets appointments and isn't big on creativity?
Do you want your planner to also have design credentials?

With every planner comes a different personality. Don't let the planner's portfolio rule your emotions in this process. You may be interviewing a planner who designed the wedding of the year in your city, but you have to like the person who is going to help you with one of the most important days of your life. Be prepared when you meet with potential planners and ask the questions that are important to you. If you want someone to hold your hand through the process and be there for you daily, you need to let your prospective planner know that. Likewise, if you have strong opinions about what you want and you only need someone to coordinate the details, you may want an entirely different planner than another bride.

Make sure to ask the planner what their approach is when it comes to wedding planning. How often will you see her/him? Talk to her/him? Are they involved in the design or will they turn to an outside decor company? Are they good at DIY elements?

Go into the meeting with your prospective planner questioning whether you want a personal relationship with this person--after all, you will be trusting them with a once-in-a-lifetime event.


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