You're engaged!!

Congratulations on your exciting news!

Wedding planning should be a fun-filled, exciting adventure. However, more often than not, the planning process can overwhelm and even cause stress to the couple. Here are some tips to stay sane, have fun and enjoy the process.

When and how does all the planning begin? You're probably going to call everyone you know and tell them the good news. Then your mind will probably start wandering to your dream gown. How could it not? But--first thing's first. After you've enjoyed the first few days (or weeks) of being engaged, it's time to start the planning and determine your budget. That's right--the dreaded 'B' word. You and your fiance should decide what you are going to spend on your wedding. After you determine your budget, then you can think of the overall style and formality you want.

After your budget is determined, it's time to think about hiring a planner. A qualified wedding planner can save you money in the long run, offer amazing advice, help you find the perfect vendors and be a great tool for navigating this crazy industry.

Then, all of the above considered, you can decide on a date and location. Your date and location could affect one another. You may have a dream location in mind and someone else could have booked that venue on your wedding date. If your heart is set on a specific date, be flexible with the locale of your reception and vice-versa. Of course, the sooner you book your dream venue, the better.

With those major decisions aside, you and your planner can start researching your vendors and decide on all the details that will make your wedding vision unique. Make the planning process fun, take it one step at a time and dream of the day you will walk down the aisle toward the person of your dreams.

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